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Welcome to
WGB's Web Space

...featuring things

that interest me

Welcome to WGB's Web Space

...featuring things that interest me

From here, you will have access to each site in my growing portfolio.

You will find links to sites which focus on Admirals or Small Queens.

There is a BLog reporting my recent Admiral finds and more.


a random Canada Small Queen stamp image

Small Queen

a random Canada Admiral stamp image


Last updated: June 22, 2024

WGB (...well, maybe a few days ago...;-)

I'm a Professional Philatelic Consultant

I retired from full time work as the Mail Auction Manager for Eastern Auctions in Bathurst, NB a few years ago.

For a couple of weeks before the move to Bathurst, I was a retired classroom teacher of Chemistry, Computer Science, Science and Journalism in Truro, NS.

A Professional Philatelic Consultant is someone who enjoys looking at stamp collections and who can help with the sale or purchase of Philatelic material.

My Mission

Helping discover and identfy CPVs

While I enjoy several areas of philately, my primary focus is on the study and collecting of Constant Plate Varieties (CPVs) of steel engraved stamps. For many years my primary area was The Small Queens of Canada, but for the last several years, my efforts have been directed at a much larger field of study: The 1911 Canada Admiral issue of KGV.

Marler and Beyond

The initial goal for this site was to provide clear images of the stamps Marler described in his 1982 book "The Admiral Issue of Canada". The scope has enlarged considerably from that early goal and now includes data from additional authors and new many new discoveries. There are almost 3,000 posts. Using the site's "Tag" feature will prove to be worthwhile.

Marler Design Types

Currently under development, the goal for this site is to provide clear images to better illustrate the various design types identified by Marler in his 1982 book, "The Admiral Issue of Canada". Note that the booklet types are complete. Generally the examples shown in this section are from Marler's personal collection.

Is It Constant - Looking for Admiral Flaws

There is very little information on the flaws of the Admiral issue. With tens of thousands of plate positions to consider, determining the actual number of Admiral CPVs may be too much for one collector. An organized group effort might be helpful. I hope that this site will allow for easy communication of information.

The Admiral's BLog

Generally this is the place where we first report new Admiral discoveries, show stamps that are particularly interesting, offer new ideas for discussion and attempt to answer questions. With the Admiral's BLog currently at version 3.0, we now offer several exciting improvements. The CPVs are divided into three groups Re-entries, Retouches and Flaws and we have added a Miscellaneous category. Visitors who log in may add comments to any listing Additional authors are making very interesting contributions.

The Current Small Queen CPV Site
Post 2022

A more modern version of the Small Queen Constant Plate Varieties site. It uses a CMS and is much more easy to modify and maintain. Expect it to show regular updates.

Is It Constant - Looking for Small Queen Flaws

The purpose of this site is to provide a forum to offer CPV candidates to the Small Queen community for consideration. An organized group effort might be helpful in establishing proof that multiple examples of a given variety exist.

Small Queen Constant Plate Varieties
Pre 2023

This is a traditional web site showing several hundred images illustrating of most of the reported Small Queen CPVs. Additional images of multiples and CPVs on cover are often included. This site is past 'end of life' and will not be updated.

My Older Sites

...which are no longer updated.

These sites are quite likely to remain unsupported, but still have a few followers, so are currently being maintained for nostalgic reasons.

  • Small Queen CPV Project

    This was the original site which introduced my CPV numbering system.

  • Finding Images for Marler 1.0

    My first attempt at providing images for the descriptions in Marler's 1982 book.

  • Admiral Site Precursor

    A very primitive design with only a few plated examples... All data in this site has been incorporated into both of the later Admiral sites.

  • Matte Grid

    A very quick way to see images of stamps from the Matte collection numbered in line with his booklets. Much better images and more detail is available on the current Admiral Site ~ Marler and Beyond

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